My work treats a sickness I have to order and alter the world around me. I see detail and possibilites in everything. It's not my job, it's who I am.

The Story so far

Tools of the Trade

My social network profiles tell the story of my work in words and my website does with sample images but when people want a one line title to attach to my name, I am at a loss. You see, I have regular freelance clients who use me for graphic design and strategy consulting, others who strictly use me as their photographer and some clients that use all my services and call me their project manager.

Who we work with and what we do is much more important and meaningful than a title. My degree says I'm a graphic designer. It doesn't say I'm an inspired poet and songwriter, a mentor and a student at once, a scultpure and carpenter. What's important to me is that, in whatever I do, I do it with pride and bring every bit of creativity I can to the project. That level of detail is part of my character and my career offers me an outlet for that sort of meticulous planning.

Indesign 90%
Illustrator 75%
Photoshop 75%
After Effects 80%
Web Design 90%

My Work Flow